Rejoice School of Music

Tara Hall 

An enthusiastic teacher with over 20 years experience teaching piano, woodwind, brass and early childhood music, Tara brings both an excellence in teaching as well as an unparalleled excitement for each class. She earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Secondary Education with a piano emphasis from Providence Baptist College, is a certified Musikgarten instructor and continues improving her knowledge of teaching through attending workshops and conferences such as MusicCollege, the Revivalistic Piano Workshop, the Music Teacher's National Association conference, and the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy. Students of hers perform in the annual American Grands, compete in competitions, participate in festivals and recitals, and many have gone on to become piano teachers themselves. She loves teaching beginners of all ages and leading them to becoming great musicians!

"Tara came highly recommened to us and we couldn't agree more! She is always positive and motivating. My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week!"  ~Lisa S, Inverness

"Before starting lessons with Tara, our daughter was frustrated and wanted to quit playing clarinet in beginner band.  We hired Tara to see if she could help our daughter. Wow, after the first couple of lessons our daughter started playing a song!! We have since been working with her and a year later our daughter has grown as clarinet player and is loving it!!" ~Sarah S, Gilberts  

"My daughter has been playing piano since she was 12. It's been 5 years now and her growth has been astounding to see. Tara was able to teach my daughter to have fun and enjoy playing piano. I love how much effort Tara is willing to put into teaching her students. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."  ~Mari-Cris P, LITH

"When we heard Tara was starting her own music studio, we were thrilled! She taught our daughter, Andrea, piano lessons several years ago and was an excellent teacher. Tara is an experienced teacher who works very well with students of all ages. She knows how to push her students to do their best and yet still manages to make it fun for them. Our daughter, Andrea, is now married and living out of the area, but continues to play the piano in her church as well as teach her own piano students!" ~Mr. and Mrs. Scott W, Huntley